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Gareth Evans

My Hero Academia: Season 2, Part 2 collects episodes 26-38, comprising the second half of the show’s second season. In these episodes, the main characters have to undertake both internships and examinations.

In the first part of Season 2, the menacing Hero Killer was introduced. This collection follows up on that initial appearance, and the character does not disappoint. The characters’ presence provides My Hero Academia with another opportunity to show how its characters react when they confront a real-world threat, rather than an obstacle that has been set up for them by their teachers. Not all of the students get to take part in such a scene but those who do benefit greatly. Such scenes are both a chance for the show to raise the stakes and provide crucial character growth, a dynamic best exemplified by Asui’s own trial by fire.

As well as character development, these episodes provide some crucial plot advancement. Midoriya’s internship gives a chance for the character to learn more about his powers, and how they work. This ties the exposition into his personal arc.

Not only are the plot and the character relationships up to their usual standard, but the action is too. The fights are fast-paced spectacles which show off the fluid animation of the series, each of them showing what can be done with the vast array of the powers that the cast as a whole have to work with.

The last collection in the series had a wealth of special features, and this release is no exception. Broadly speaking, the extra features on offer can be split into three categories; voice actors discussing their characters, a look behind the scenes of the show, and textless opening/closing videos. The episode commentaries go beyond simple analysis by including shout-outs to charities, and comedic interactions between the cast. The behind the scenes feature shows just how a simul dub is made. With simul dubs becoming more common it will be easy to take them for granted one day, this extra feature shows just how much work goes into making that happen.

With My Hero Academia: Season 2, Part 2 Sony showcases just what can be done with a physical anime release when an effort is made to make purchasing the physical release worthwhile. The episodes themselves are up to the My Hero Academia‘s usual standard, providing the right mixture of action, character growth, and plot advancement. This is backed up by a solid set of special features which are all worth watching individually and add to the value of the box set immensely as a whole. This collection is a prime example of why physical media shouldn’t be discounted just yet.

Special Features: Katsuki Bakguo: Origin / SimulDubs from Beginning to End / San Diego Comic-Con: IGN/ Interview / Textless Opening Song “Peace Sign” / Textless Opening Song “Singin’ to the Sky” / Textless Closing Song “Dakara, Hitori Ja Nai” / Textless Closing Song “Datte Atashi No Hiiroo”


Gareth Evans

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