Reviews | Written by Andrew Dex 26/07/2022


He has been submerged in 1s and 0s in The Matrix, deserted on a desert island in Lost, and now he is trapped in a small town where you get killed by freaky human-like monsters if you go out, or open your windows at night. That’s right, Harold Perrineau takes on the lead character of Boyd Stevens, in his latest TV outing From. Told from the perspective of Jim Matthews (Eion Bailey) to begin with, we see first-hand the horror of initially arriving in the claustrophobic community that Harold himself has unfortunately been residing in for a while now.

Right in the very first episode, we witness the unpredictable, brutal life that these cut-off people now have to live every single day. It sets a dark tone, and the mysteriously savage combination pace captured, becomes the norm. Creator John Griffin immediately makes us feel like a resident.

You may first think that those living this horrendous circumstance aren’t too worried about the situation they’re in, but thankfully, that’s resolved. The stakes become higher for each character, and on the verge of everyone losing their minds in this bleak loop, getting out becomes the number one goal.

In the same vein as Lost (Jack Bender and Jeff Pinkner are behind the scenes), every answer we get leads to more questions. It’s an addiction that TV writers tend to try and capture, and From has successfully done just that. The gripping finale alone leads to some exciting theories, and it’s a haunting conclusion that will have the majority of its viewers eagerly awaiting the next chapter.


From debuts on Sky Sci-Fi on July 26th.