Reviews | Written by Ed Fortune 25/07/2022

Dungeons and Dragons Frameworks Stone Giant

Large scale sprue-based models can be a challenge to get right.  You need to balance the need for the kit to be big enough to be worth with ease of construction and enough options to be able to alter the model to suit your needs.  Wizkid’s new range of unpainted kits, called Frameworks, takes some interesting approaches to this challenge and mostly it works very well.

The Stone Giant kit comes of three hard plastic frames, and need to be clipped out, prepped, assembled and then painted. Clear instructions are provided, but it’s a pretty obvious construction. We get some nice options weapons wise; the giant can wield a club, a boulder or nothing at all and the pose is such that adding extra items shouldn’t be too difficult.  We get a couple of options for the head and add some accessories, including a mountain goat to perch on the shoulder. We get a pretty basic base to mount the model on, and a clear plastic base as an alternative. As this is a s kit, you’re probably going to put something better together yourself, but it’s nice to have options.

The result is something the adheres closely to the Dungeons and Dragons monster manual; a huge, rock-like giant with gaunt features and a stern look.  Stone Giants are much more of a challenge when they are more than one and tend to work better as a distant threat. However this piece would, once assembled and painted, look great as a centre piece in various scenarios.

This is a fun kit and a solid example of what can be done with the Frameworks range.