Reviews | Written by Jack Bottomley 01/08/2020



When The Hatter asked Alice, “Have I gone mad?” in Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, she responded, “I’m afraid so. You are entirely bonkers”, well this writer certainly gets that feeling here because Deep Blue Sea 3 is an absolute blast. Call it the lockdown blues, call it too much social media, call it drinking something hinky or call it the film being great but straight to disc (or straight to VOD in this case) sequels to past big screen flicks are generally not thought of in T2: Judgment Day terms and yet - while obviously not on that level - Deep Blue Sea 3 offers the shark movie-goer a real treat and let’s be honest, if you are reading this, you know what you came for and director John Pogue delivers.

The film sees the escaped genetically-enhanced killing machines from the last film make their way to a remote settlement with a thriving sea bed (aka food glorious food) and the dedicated research team diving there soon find more is afoot than aggressive bull sharks, as a team hired to track and kill the sharks soon arrives escalating events further!

Well sue us but we really enjoyed Deep Blue Sea 3. The Waterworld-esque floating hand-crafted settlement setting made for a most unique backdrop to some impressively staged action, which goes along at a great ‘ol lick (or should that be great big bite?). The well constructed (and really rather original at points) shark set pieces are exciting and at 99 minutes the film runs along very nicely, with decent characters and performances and a most welcome respect and admiration for the beautiful animal taking centre stage.

Much like the inferior but fun for what it was Deep Blue Sea 2, this conservationist backbone and deep respect runs through the entire screenplay, as the film surprisingly takes time to comment on the declining natural world and climate change. Such love is not always found in this genre and should be celebrated. In fact, this sequel shows better than most (big or small budget) just why humanity has so much to answer for.

Great fun and infinitely superior to even some cinema-released shark flicks. Bonus points too, for co-starring a heroic shark called Sally!