Reviews | Written by EdFortune 15/02/2021


The cult phenomenon that is Dungeons and Dragons has a large amount of depth to it.  Since it’s invention in the 70s, millions of words have been used to describe it’s many worlds, it’s magic and monsters. Over the years a lot of attention has been pointed at the game’s dragons; after all they are in the name of the game.

The Blue Dragon is one of D&D's classic beasties, with its own distinctive style and look. Vain to the point of narcissism, these methodical and cruel beasts tend to be tactically adept and utterly unforgiving in their approach. Blue Dragons make terribly enemies and poor allies, unless you also happen to be a psychotic despot. (Dragonlance villain Kitiara uth Matar for example, counted the great wyrm Khellendros as a dear friend, for example).   Which is a very long way of saying that Blue Dragons in D&D have a very particularly look and feel, one that  can be hard to capture.

Wizkids have produced a new Adult Blue Dragon model for their D&D Icons of The Realms range. This is its own thing, something that arrives in a very large impressive box and looks amazing when it’s plonked on the gaming table. One the thing’s they’ve done here is try to capture the raw power of such a beast. Blue Dragons don’t breathe fire, instead they unless raw lightning upon their enemies.

As such the model is tries to capture a sort of raw electrical power through both the sculpt and paint-job. It is in full ‘stalking’ mode. It’s wings are out in full force, one of its claws are poised as if to strike. It’s mouth is open in what can only be described as a mocking grin and the jagged horn on the tip of its head adds to the deadly effect. It’s got those ‘flappy ears’ that you often see in paintings of Blue Dragons, but here they add to the ‘about the light you up with 300 million Volts of power’ effect the piece brings. This monster looks like it's about to blow up your world at any moment. Which is great fun if you're using it in a game or just keeping it on a shelf.

This model is lean and hungry looking, and it’s honestly a great piece to bring to the table, especially if you want to hammer home to over-confident heroes that dragons will bring your game to an abrupt end if you don’t choose your next move wisely.

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