Reviews | Written by Ed Fortune 30/07/2022

Critical Role Guests of Critical Role

Critical Role is the actual play Dungeons and Dragons stream that showed the world what table-top roleplaying games really looked like and exposed to everyone how fun and how geeky those games actually are.  The show has had plenty of guests in the past, people who’ve joined the main cast for a quick spot of tabletop fun before departing the main storyline (and perhaps appearing in everyone’s fan-fiction).


Wizkid’s Critical Role Guests of Critical Role showcases a number of the more well known guests, with a couple of notable exceptions. There’s no model for Joe Manganiello Arkhan The Cruel in this box, as he already has a mini in a different set) , nor is there a model for Chris Perkin’s Spurt The Kobold, as the that unfortunate creature is an off-the-shelf Kobold from the monster manual and as such, can be easily found in Wizkid’s range of Kobolds.


They are plenty of cool characters in the set. The models conform pretty closely to the official art from the show, are painted to a good standard and are well sculpted. First off is the world’s unluckiest dwarf, Thorbir Falbek, played on the show by Will Wheaton.  The model is posed in full defensive combat stance and is well done. Fans may want to glue little rats to him, and the model is designed in a way that modifying it should be easy.


Calianna Mordsson was played (and cos-played) by Mark Hulmes, the online presenter and dungeon master. You can really tell that the sculptors had plenty of reference material here as it is very well detailed. The draconically touched half-elf sorceress is striking and like many of the models here, interesting enough to double for hero characters for other sorts of campaigns.


The cleric Shakäste is a striking if ageing human Cleric who aids the Mighty Nein fairly early on in their adventures, performed by renowned voice actor Khary Payton. The model is scuplted leaning heavily onto his walking and you can almost hear the voice.  Zahra Hydris was performed by Mary Elizabeth McGlynn and is firm fan favourite. The stylish tiefling warlock is sculpted with her staff and in eye-catching black and silver garb. It’s a good take on the character.


Will Friedle’s character of Kasha Vesh was almost a semi-regular character in Campaign One, and the golden armoured cleric is sculpted dynamically. It would also double as good generic armoured hero.  Esports host and D&D streaming regular Mica Burton guested on the show as the half-angelic druid Reanminere.  A firm ally of the Mighty Nein, the model for her in this set is surprisingly sedate for such a lively character. It balances well with the other dwarf in the set, Tova, performed by ND Stevenson. Tova is ready for action and is in her ‘mortal’ form.


Ashly Burch is better known as the voice of Tiny Tina from the Borderland’s games. On Critical Role, she played Keg, the dwarven fighter. This is a great sculpt of the character and rare take on a certain sort of dwarven warrior. Absolutely worth a look. TTRPG in-real-life bard Jason Charles Miller played the half-orc rogue Garthok. The model is painted in dull leather browns and wields a very pointy spear. It’s a good piece.  It pairs nicely with the model for Lionel Gayheart, the half-orc barbarian and bard. It’s sculpted with the exact same knowing smile that it’s actor, Jon Heder is known for.

Over-all this is a fun, if very specific set.  A must for Critters, of course.