Reviews | Written by Martin Unsworth 27/08/2021

BRAIN FREEZE [FrightFest 2021]

We all know people who join exclusive golf clubs tend to be self-centred idiots looking to status rather than real issues. The club at the centre of this high-class community has just installed a new fertiliser that allows the grass to be played on even when the rest of the town is full of thick Canadian snow. We all know where this is going, right? Young André (Iani Bédard) has been lumbered with his baby sister and must try to protect her when their mother comes home from work and turns into a rampaging flesh-eater. He teams up with a survival nut security guard Dan (Roy Dupuis) to escape the assault on the residents of Peacock Island.

A very different type of zombie film, this French-Canadian production has an eco-message but doesn’t get bogged down with it, preferring to get straight into the neck-munching. There is an alt-right radio DJ who gives the filmmakers more chance for some satire. Writer/director Julien Knafo opts for fast-moving zombies but gives them some algae growing on them. For the most part, it’s an amusing and well-made movie, but don’t be expecting a gore-filled romp.

There’s a lot of heart in the story, though. From André reluctantly looking after his sister, to Dan’s resistance at accepting his daughter is a zombie. Amusingly, he puts her head in a cage so she can’t bite anyone and when her arm falls off, they carry it around to open her mobile phone (the only one they have access to with that’s charged).

It might not be the all-out zombie film you want it to be, but Brain Freeze is fun and action-packed.

BRAIN FREEZE is released in the UK and Ireland on September 6th