Reviews | Written by Andrew Pollard 02/07/2018


Back in 2014, Lowell Dean delivered a truly unique beast with WolfCop; a tale centred on an alcoholic small-town deputy sheriff who just so happens to turn in to a werewolf. A huge favourite of many a genre fan, the picture was overflowing with humour, heart, and some brilliant practical effects that marked it out as far more than merely a soulless gimmick. Fast forward to 2018, and many have been chomping at the bit to see the hotly-anticipated sequel, Another WolfCop - so let’s see if this furry follow-up is worth your time.

In terms of plot, Leo Fafard’s Lou Garou is still supping beers, still staring knowingly at the moon, and still terrifying anyone and everyone who’d dare to get up to no good in his small Canadian town. Likewise, Amy Matysio is back as Tina Walsh – who’s now been promoted to Sheriff – Jonathan Cherry is back to steal scenes as Lou’s bestest pal, Willie, and the trio have to deal with the presence of a businessman – Yannick Bisson's Swallows – who may not have quite the best of intentions for Woodhaven. Then there’s Willie’s sister Kat (Serena Miller), a paranormal investigator who goes on to have a key role to play as things play out.

On the surface, Swallows’ plan is to rejuvenate the town by delivering two things that Canadians love: a hockey team and a brewery. We won’t veer too much in to spoiler territory, but what follows is a tale of chaos, carnage, aliens, moondust-fuelled fisticuffs, and a whole lot of werewolf dong. Oh, and a fan-pleasing Kevin Smith cameo as the shady Mayor tied up in all of this.

First and foremost, key to your enjoyment of Another WolfCop is whether or not you found yourself joyously howling at the moon upon seeing Dean’s 2014 original. While we were completely won over by the liquored-up lycanthrope back then, there were some who turned their nose up at the slightly bonkers concept of the film. If you fall in to the latter group, chances are you’ll struggle to fully sink your teeth into Another WolfCop. But for those that enjoyed WolfCop, this sequel takes that movie and turns everything up to 11.

In terms of performances, much like that first film, everyone is absolutely pitch-perfect for what is needed, with Dean having amassed a cast that again feels like they wear their characters like a second skin – and we’re not just talking about Lou Garou’s intense transformation sequences. As Garou, Leo Fafard is brilliant as the loveable loser who you most certainly wouldn't like when he’s angry, and the dynamic between the character and Amy Matysio’s Tina again shines, with a nice new layer added to that dynamic now that Tina has been promoted to Sheriff. Again like that first movie, Jonathan Cherry always steals the show when he’s on screen, with his Willie getting the majority of the film’s best lines and biggest chuckles. This time out though, he battles for scene-stealing honours with Yannick Bisson, who delivers the sort of slimy bad guy who is never less than a 100% self-serving dickhead who will have you feeling like you need to bathe in bleach to remove his stench from the room.

What Another WolfCop lacks in budget, it more than makes up for with its unflinching commitment to its crazy concept, its completely outrageous gore, its undoubted charm, and yes, its plentiful dick ‘n’ fart-level gags. It won’t be for everybody, but if the fundamentals of Another WolfCop sound up your street then you’ll absolutely adore this sequel. Even better, much like the first WolfCop ended with the promise of a follow-up, so too does Another WolfCop. And knowing that Lou Garou will be back for a third outing has us utterly and relentlessly howling in delight.


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