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THE TERMINATOR is Back! New Series Announced…

Like Skynet’s vicious murder-bots themselves, The Terminator franchise refuses to die, no matter how much audiences and critics retaliate. Despite the presence of returning creator James Cameron, neither group cared for 2019’s Terminator: Dark Fate, despite it being the strongest entry since Judgement Day 28-years prior. Recent rumblings bring news not of another movie, but a TV series continuation, and rather than repeat the uneven live-action route paved by The Sarah Connor Chronicles in 2008-2009, the world of The Terminator will instead be expanded via animation, courtesy of Netflix.

We can’t wait for fans to experience this amazing new chapter in the epic battle between machines and humans,” teased John Derderian, the streaming service’s vice president of anime. With animated projects such as Ghost in the Shell, B: The Beginning, and Eden of the East in their back catalogue, Production I.G. is the studio handling the animation, whereas writer Mattson Tomlin will step in as showrunner. Tomlin’s handywork can be seen in the recent Netflix Original movie Project Power, and Halloween 2022 in a little movie called The Batman. Tomlin promised The Terminator series “breaks conventions, subverts expectations and has real guts.” We’ll hold him to that!

With film sets critically handicapped by COVID-19 for the past year and changed irrevocably for many years going forward, we predict that we’ll see a huge increase in high profile animated projects heading our way in the future. Indeed, we’re already seeing that come into effect if the last few months are anything to go by, with Tomb Raider, Army of the Dead, Splinter Cell, and Skull Island just a few of the major animated series announced so far.

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Source: Vanity Fair

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