On the heels of directing awesome alligator movie Crawl, Alexandre Aja is turning his attention to a thriller titled O2. And now, said offering has found its lead.

Courtesy of Deadline, The Girl trilogy and Prometheus’ Noomi Rapace will be headlining O2.

Aja won’t be in the director’s chair for this new film, for he’s on board to serve as a producer. On the directing front, P2 and Maniac director Franck Khalfound will be helming the picture. How to Make a Reality Star’s Christie LeBlanc is on writing duties.

The early word on O2 has the movie pegged as a thriller centres on a memoryless woman who wakes up trapped in a cryogenic medical pod. With just 90 minutes of oxygen, she has to find out how to get out of there and discover just who she is.

Expect more on O2 as it continues to develop.

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