Cult Dungeons and Dragons actual play show, Critical Role, has announced a special reunion of their cult D&D party, The Mighty Nein. The show , called The Mighty Nein Reunited will broadcast in 63 Cinemark theaters across the US and nine cinemas in South America. (Alas none in Europe, though it would be very early in the morning if they did that.)

In addition to the theatrical broadcasts, both episodes will simultaneously livestream on Critical Role’s Twitch and YouTube channels.

Starring Critical Role founders Matthew Mercer (Overwatch), Ashley Johnson (The Last of Us), Marisha Ray (Final Fantasy XV), Taliesin Jaffe (Final Fantasy XIV), Travis Willingham (Marvel’s Avengers), Sam Riegel (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), Laura Bailey (The Last of Us: Part II), Liam O’Brien (Star Wars: The Bad Batch) all reprising their roles from Campaign 2, the two-part special takes place several months after the events in Cognouza, when our unsung heroes of The Mighty Nein have started new chapters in their lives. However, when some discover that there are still old chapters yet to be closed, our heroes will need to reunite for more stories untold…

The Critical Role team have had a lot of big announcements recently. In addition to the launch of the record label Scanlan Shorthalt Music and the first album Welcome To Tal’Dorei, the next tie-in novel, Critical Role: The Mighty Nein – The Nine Eyes of Lucien is coming out at the start of next month.

Oh, and Season Two of The Legend of Vox Machina is coming very soon to Prime TV. You can catch a preview here.

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