News Gaming News TV | Written by Ed Fortune 16/01/2021


John Wick writer Derek Kolstad is to develop a Dungeons & Dragons TV-series for eOne, the entertainment media wing of toy and game manufacturer Hasbro.

Kolstad’s other recent projects include The Falcon and the Winter Soldier TV mini-series for Disney+, and an adaptation of the Just Cause video game.

This news comes on top of recent reports that actor Chris Pine has been slated to star in a Dungeons and Dragons movie.

The tabletop game has enjoyed a huge revival in recent years thanks to shows such as Critical RoleQuesting Time and Oxventure, as well as the game's Fifth Edition, which has a far more accessible and inclusive rules-set.  The game has many famous players including the likes of Joe Manganiello, Jon Favreau, Felicia Day, Mark Meer, Dan Harmon,  Stephen Colbert and Rufus Hound.

Wizards of the Coast, the company that produces D&D for Hasbro, have been releasing a lot of content for the game recently, fleshing out the various worlds that players can visit. With mystery adventure setting Candlekeep slated to come out in March, the game already has fully realised settings that include things such as flying cities, draconic civil wars, dimension hopping wanderers, Hammer Horror style weirdness and much much more.

Time will tell if Kolstad will bring a world such as Dark Sun, Dragonlance or Eberron to life, or if he’ll invent something new. Given Kolstad's previous work, STARBURST wonders if D&D's very own bad-ass, the double scimitar wielding warrior Drizzt Do'Urden will feature.

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