News Movies | Written by Andrew Pollard 23/02/2020

J.D. Dillard to Develop New STAR WARS Movie

While certain Disney execs talk about Star Wars fatigue, that’s not stopped yet another new Star Wars movie now in development.

Courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter, J.D. Dillard has been brought in to oversee a new Star Wars picture for the House of Mouse. It’s not yet known whether Dillard – best known for Sleight and Sweetheart – will direct or if he’s just involved in a writing capacity. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Luke Cage’s Matt Owens is also to help pen this film.

At this point, there’s some talk that this particular Star Wars movie may end up landing directly on the Disney+ streaming service. That said, it could well be that this offering does indeed end up on the big screen.

Right now, there’s absolutely zero word on what the focus of this Star Wars movie will be. All we know is that this is just one of several new Star Wars films that Disney has in various stages in development – such as a trilogy of pictures from Rian Johnson, Kevin Feige’s Star Wars movie, and early plans for Taika Waititi to develop a ‘galaxy far, far away’ effort.

As ever, expect more on all things Star Wars as we get it.