With Harley Quinn having seen a huge surge in popularity since making her cinematic bow in David Ayer’s Suicide Squad last year, now Harleen is getting her own adult-aimed animated series.

As per Deadline, twenty-six half-hour episodes of the animated affair have been ordered for DC’s upcoming new digital service. Warner Bros. Animation will be developing the show, and the current word is that it will be geared towards an adult audience. In addition to this, it’s believed that Margot Robbie, who played the character on the big screen, will be approached as the first choice to provide the vocals for the Maid of Mischief.

Seemingly just titled Harley Quinn at this stage, the series will join the live-action Teen Titans show – Titans – and the revival of the much-loved animated Young Justice on the swanky new on-demand streaming service.

In terms of the focus of Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and various other famed DC heroes and villains will be making appearances alongside Harleen, and we’ll see a Quinn who is trying to establish herself as the top dog in Gotham City after finally ending her twisted relationship with the Joker.

The image shown to the left here is an early piece of concept art designed to just give a rough idea of the look of the show.

As ever, expect more on Harley Quinn as it continues to develop.

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