Nottingham based toy soldier manufacturer, Games Workshop, are making a bid for Christmas Number One this year, with a new single; Goff Rocker – ‘Ere We Go.

The tune is in-universe for the world of Warhammer 40,000, and is ‘sang’ by Goff Rocker, a Space Ork with ambitions to fight everyone in the Galaxy. The tune can be found here and is available via all the usual music streaming services for free.  The track was actually produced by Jonathan Hartman, who also created the soundtrack for Warhammer animated show, Angels of Death. It is essentially a light punk rock version of Jingle Bells.

We have listened to the track over at Starburst Towers, and can confirm that it is definitely music, and the best song we’ve heard from an alien horror this year.

This being Games Workshop, there is an unpainted, unassembled miniature to go with the release which can be purchased here , as well as a tour poster (filled with in-universe jokes) and tour hoodie.

The model release follows Games Workshop’s practice of releasing Christmas themed models for a limited time; they’ve been doing stuff like that intermittently since the 80’s, with past models including Christmas themed Space Marines and a revolutionary Goblin. Goff Rocker himself is a re-imagining of a similar Ork rock-star model from a previous edition of Warhammer 40,000.

Games Workshop is also no stranger to the music industry. They produced silly troll songs for kid’s boardgames Hungry Troll, Squelch! and Oi Dat’s My Leg in the 80s and used to include flexi-discs in their magazine, White Dwarf. More memorably, back in the 90’s the world-famous UK toy company owned a record label called Warhammer Records which provided a home for bands such as Bolt Thrower, D-Rok and Saxon.

Christmas Number One bids are a tradition in the UK, with the goal typically being to get the silliest song in the charts for Christmas Day. We wish Goff Rocker every bit of luck; he’ll need it.

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