News Gaming News TV | Written by Ed Fortune 23/06/2021

Games Workshop Launches Warhammer Plus

Games Workshop has launched a new subscription service for fans of all things Warhammer. Like pretty everything this Nottingham based creative power-house produces however, it’s not exactly what you might expect; instead they’ve unleashed a load of digital content plus an exclusive miniature, because it is Games Workshop after all.

Warhammer Plus includes weekly in-house Warhammer hobby shows, including a painting show, play throughs of classic Warhammer battles and a lore show which will cover Games Workshop’s fantasy and sci-fi content.

We’ll also get some astounding animation, including the sequel to the jaw-dropping Astartes. They’re also going release  digital versions of classic Warhammer publications and old issues of White Dwarf. Many of these only came out for a limited time and are hard to find.

In addition, the service will allow subscribers to access the Warhammer and Age of Sigmar army builder apps, which is a bargain if you already use those services.