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7 Years Passed, Starburst Still Claims the Number 1 Slot

Starburst Slot is one of the most popular slot games available to players at online casino sites. Having been released in 2013, the game has continued to be at the top of the charts for players and does not appear to be going anywhere any time soon. What has made Starburst so popular, though? Why has it been able to stay at the top of the charts for such a long period of time? What challenges has the game had to go through and, seemingly, been able to overcome?

Before taking a look at those questions and answering them in some detail, it would be worth taking a look at the history of Starburst Slot and what the game actually is for those that have never actually had the pleasure to have enjoyed what it brings.

As mentioned, the game has been around for the last seven years and has climbed the charts to the number one spot as it remains one of the most-sought-after slots in online gaming history, remaining popular with experienced players and those that have just begun their online casino slots journey, therefore keeping it at the top of the SlotCatolog SlotRank system.

Legendary game developers, NetEnt were the brainchild behind this hugely popular game and has been considered to be one of their most lucrative and famous creations. That puts Starburst amongst some esteem company in the Swedish developer’s portfolio, as they also boast huge titles such as ‘Mega Fortune’, ‘Blood Suckers’, ‘Gonzo’s Quest’ and ‘Boom Brothers’, as well as branded ventures like ‘Narcos’, ‘Guns N’ Roses’ and ‘Jimi Hendrix’.

Perhaps one of the reasons that Starburst has managed to remain at the top of the online casino game charts is because of its rather unique combinations that were ahead of its time back in 2013.

The game entailed some top-quality graphics that was powered by some of the best modern technology, however it still incorporated the classic symbols that can create a sense of nostalgia amongst players as they felt they were able to play an old-school game as it continues to feel like an arcade classic. The space travel theme that the game incorporates is also further enhanced and brought to life by the brilliant soundtrack that accompanies the game.

Graphics and gameplay aside, though, perhaps the easiest reason as to understand why Starburst remains at the top of the charts is because of the generous wins that are available and the fact that the music gets turned up a little to pull on the player’s heartstrings when an exciting moment is about to happen.

Those generous wins are backed up by the Return to Players (RTP) rate that the game offers as well, with it standing at a supremely high 96.1%. That figure is extremely high compared to most online slot games, which can only further highlight it’s popularity amongst punters.

Another positive is the fact that it is one of the easiest games available on the market to play. The very simple rules it has for players to follow make the actual gameplay incredibly smooth and enjoyable and there is not much time needed in looking up the rules as it is almost very straightforward and easy to understand.

Talking about game rules, most online casino games seem to have a bible worth of rules that need to be followed, such as 10-page guides for players to read to just try and understand what the aim of the game is. However, Starburst broke that rule and decided that two pages would be more than enough.

Starburst might have started off as an online casino game, however it is fully compatible with mobile devices and does not look out of place as it has made a seamless transition to those particular methods of enjoyment.

Its mobile compatibility will have only further enhanced its reputation as the most popular game for users as more and more players are taking to their smartphones and tablets to play online casino games, rather than sitting at a desk with their laptops or PCs.

One negative, which might be harsh on the game, is that it does not offer players bonus rounds or regular free spins that many titles appear to offer now in the traditional video slot categories. This point of view appears to have been held by few during the game’s lifespan.

Every single game is likely to face a challenge or two during its lifetime, with some managing to go the distance, whilst others sink before they are able to float. However, clearly this game has been able to run the test of time so far and does not appear to be sinking any time soon.

Having been created way ahead of its time, there could be a number of different challenges that NetEnt would face with their number one game, some from external factors, whilst there may have also been some internal factors that could have created them some problems.

As mentioned earlier, the Swedish developers have a number of games in their portfolio available to players, which is only likely ever going to increase as the months and years gradually go by. New games can potentially take the industry by storm and take the die-hard fans of Starburst away from the product to somewhere else.

The introduction of branded games, such as the ones included above, will always be able to have a bigger pull than some of the other titles can and that will have also represented a challenge, but the game seems largely unaffected presently.

An external factor that Starburst will have had to deal with over time include the graphics, animations and sounds as each of these three different things can become seriously outdated with the rate things are improving. However, the futuristic things they use appear to have resisted any need for change.

The last thing that Starburst perhaps does not offer players, aside the lack of bonuses and free spins, is the story. Some players may like to be immersed in a story of some sort and be taken on a quest as they look to try and win with a number of NetEnt’s other titles offering that type of experience.

It must be said, it remains rather easy to see why Starburst remains the most popular online slot game for players, regardless of whether they are a beginning or an avid player. The simplicity of the game, the attractive themes and the fact that it was ahead of its time is what makes Starburst an all-time classic and favourite.

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