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10 Films Not to Miss at Pigeon Shrine FrightFest 2023

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Martin Unsworth
frightfest 2023 line-up

Horror Christmas is almost here, and we have scoured the films that are screening throughout the duration of Pigeon Shrine FrightFest. Here are the ones we think you shouldn’t miss:

The J-Horror Virus
Friday, August 25th at 11am

Everything you always wanted to know about J-horror but didn’t know who to ask. Filmmakers Sarah Appleton (The Found Footage Phenomenon) and Jasper Sharp guide us through the origins of the likes of The Ring and The Grudge.

Black Mold
Friday, August 25th at 1.30pm

A pair of urban exploring photographers discover more than they bargained for in an abandoned building in this atmospheric nightmare. Directed with style by John Pata (editor and producer on The Stylist).

How to Kill Monsters
Friday, August 25th at 6.10pm

Stewart Sparke’s spiritual follow-up to Book of Monsters promises to be a blood-soaked good time. Many of the cast from that film are back for this, and you’ll recognise them from many British indie films. Imagine Assault on Precinct 13 only with creatures from another dimension.

Werewolf Santa
Friday, August 25th at 10.55pm (additional screening Sat 1.20pm)

Late night fun with a film that does what its title suggests. You get Santa turned into a werewolf. Written and directed by Airell Anthony Hayles (writer and co-director of They’re Outside, which played at FrightFest a few years back) and featuring everyone’s favourite horror star Emily Booth, you better watch out as Christmas gets hairy!

Hostile Dimensions
Saturday, August 26th at 3.25pm (also screening Monday 1.20pm)

Sick of the multiverse? Yep, us too. However, how about one last throw of the dice with the marvellous indie film in which the search for a missing graffiti artist and the discovery of a strange door opens up a world of strangeness.

The Moor
Saturday, August 26th at 3.40pm

OK – we hate to recommend films that clash, but they both are really worthy of your time. This is a sombre tale in which the father of a murder victim hopes to find his son’s remains in the desolate moorland where the killer was known to bury his victims. Yes, it’s a little too on the nose for a well-publicised case, but it’s handled well and sucks you with the mesmerising performances.

Saturday, August 26th at 6.30pm

First-time director Tariq Sayed presents a disturbing tale of a couple who take part in a trial that gives them a genetically engineered baby. Stars Johnny Vivash (Black Mass) and horror legend Catriona MacColl. You can read our interview with her about the film here.

The Black Mass
Sunday, August 26th at 1.40pm

Set in 1978, this serial killer thriller shows us 24 hours of a stalking, psychotic madman and the women he has in his sights. Directed by Devanny Pinn (Pretty Boy) and starring Jeremy London (Mallrats), it’s a grim but brilliant picture that is thankfully weighted towards the victims’ viewpoint.

Mancunian Man: The Legend of Cliff Twemlow
Sunday, August 27th at 8.50pm

You may or may not know anything about the Manchester filmmaker/composer/bouncer Cliff Twemlow, but Jake West’s documentary will put that right. It’s a true underdog story that’s fascinating, inspiring, funny, and tragic in varying ways. His 1983 film G.B.H. is his best known, but there was much more to Cliff than that. Make sure you don’t miss this one! (Although apologies in advance as it contains a member of the STARBURST editorial team!)

Monday, August 27th at 10.45am

Shot in one take, this film from Alex Kahuam (Forgiveness) stars Ted Raimi knocking it out of the park as a beleaguered man forced to make a difficult decision about his family’s factory. Forget the hangover, this one’s worth getting out of bed for!

Pigeon Shrine FrightFest takes place between Thursday, August 24th and Monday, August 28th. Find out more and book tickets here.

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