For over 30 years, Alan Jones was the principal reviewer for STARBURST. He pioneered a no-holds-barred critical stance with an authentic fanboy voice filtered through his punk attitude and a keen genre sensibility. Jones built a reputation as a critic of heft who often ruffled industry feathers but gained a legion of fans whilst expanding the language of fantasy film analysis. Finally, Jones has collated his entire body of STARBURST reviews into one extraordinary volume without editing the original texts that shone like a beacon during some of the darkest of times for the British genre lover.

STARBURST: The Complete Alan Jones Film Reviews 1977-2008 is a record of many of the most influential fantasy and horror movies ever. It also documents how the genre grew in stature from lowly poor relation to box office powerhouse. With his signature STARBURST house style – considered a brand novelty at the time – Jones was at the forefront of every new trend with his enlightening reviews covering every UK fantasy release in his eagerly-anticipated monthly column.

Being a key genre commentator meant Jones played an unexpectedly gratifying role in firing the creative imaginations of many of today’s top film industry names. Here, directors Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead), Neil Marshall (Dog Soldiers), Andy Nyman (Ghost Stories) and writer Jeremy Dyson (The League of Gentlemen) share their life-changing memories of the magazine, and how Jones’ beloved reviews engendered their own devotion to the horror fantasy genre.

Together with a history of the magazine’s genesis and Jones’ role within it, this mighty tome is not only a genre reference bible about the most significant movies ever made, but also a glorious time machine taking readers back to an unforgettable era, fuelling the early days of fantasy fandom.

What can you expect? Well, there are 1,250 films reviewed, 660,000 words, 2,000 illustrations over 648 large-format pages!

The most significant single-authored genre film encyclopaedia of the 21st Century, this unique publication is a month-by-month record of the development and progression of science fiction, fantasy, and horror films, all told in the compelling words of someone who was there every step of the way, recording it all for posterity. A lucid, controversial and always entertaining read that will have fans everywhere adding copious movies to their ‘Must-See’ lists!

Special Features UNIQUE to the signed and numbered Collector’s Edition of STARBURST, only available direct from FAB Press:

Stunning SILVER page edges

Individually numbered limited edition – each Collector’s Edition book will have its own unique-numbered Alan Jones signature plate on the title page.

The STARBURST book launch will take place at this year’s FrightFest, with the silver page edge numbered edition available for sale. Two sessions with Alan Jones in attendance are scheduled, first on Friday, August 23rd, and then on Saturday, August 24th. The precise times of each one-hour slot will be decided shortly before the festival.

This is the first of two FAB Press books by Alan Jones to be released this year. Alan’s autobiography, DISCOMANIA, is currently in production and will be issued later in the year.

Pre-orders for the book begin on Wednesday, June 12th.

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