Well, this is certainly all kinds of intriguing. Yes, as the headline suggests, Lucasfilm Games is making a return.

For those unfamiliar with Lucasfilm Games, that was the gaming house formerly known as LucasArts; a gaming house that sadly came to a close once Disney purchased Lucasfilm in 2013. Courtesy of PCGamesN, however, the House of Mouse is now looking to restart that gaming label.

To get to the specifics, Disney isn’t actually bringing LucasArts back, per se. Instead, this new division will be working under the Lucasfilm Games name. Already, Disney is putting the feelers out for talent to come and work on such video games. This marks Disney’s first real foray into the world of video games since Disney Infinity was shut down in 2016.

Of course, LucastArts was so often driven by the Star Wars brand, although the video game license for all things Star Wars is currently at Electronic Arts. While that restricts things in terms of new Star Wars games, it’s believed Lucasfilm Games could strike a deal to revisit old favourites such as Jedi Knight, Knight of the Old Republic, Tie Fighter and The Force Unleashed.

While Star Wars was clearly a popular element of LucasArts, there was a lot more to it than merely games set in a galaxy far, far away. One other big property for the division was the stunning Monkey Island franchise, not to mention Maniac Mansion, Grim Fandango, Day of the Tentacle, Indiana Jones and a whole lot more.

Disney has yet to publicly comment on Lucasfilm Games just yet, although it’s believed that all of this will be made official at either Star Wars Celebration, E3 or D23.

Expect more on all of this as we get it.

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