News Gaming News | Written by Ed Fortune 17/07/2021

D&D Fans to Devour NERDS

It's the obvious team-up that no one thought to ask for. The world's most popular tabletop roleplaying game has teamed up with the very sweet but also sour candy NERDS to produce one of the weirdest team-ups of all time.

Boxes of brightly coloured pieces of sugar will contains details of how to access one of seven custom D&D adventures, broadly based on the 'personalities' of the various characters found on a box of NERDs candy. Each one of these also utilises a Dungeons and Dragons character class. Apparently, green-coloured NERDs are bards; who knew?

The story begins in the city of Harmony which has been experiencing a strange case of “color outages.” Rumours are flying around about what might be causing the problem. Will the party be able to solve the mystery? Only by consuming boxes of NERDs will you be able to find out.