In a move that will surprise pretty much no one, online gag peddlers CollegeHumor will be no more, as they rebrand to DropOut – which is also the name of CollegeHumor’s online subscription service.

CollegeHumor was founded in 1999 and is best known for its pastiche of fannish things such as The Lord of The Rings, Transformers and various video games. The brand has had an interesting journey. It began as a scrappy, ad-supported comedy website drawing on Los Angeles-based comedic talent. It was sold to a larger holding company and, in 2018, launched a subscription service. Sam Reich, who was CollegeHumor’s Chief Creative Officer at the time, purchased the majority stake in the company back in 2020, effectively saving the site from closure.

The ad-free subscription-only service has since grown from strength to strength, with a substantial and growing cult following. The channel has become a haven for American comedic talent, featuring a diverse and interesting cast of comedians, actors, hosts and Dungeon Masters.

Reich himself has been the face of Dropout, hosting the popular Game Changer quiz show, clips of which can be easily found on TikTok and YouTube. The service includes Dimension 20, a Dungeons & Dragons improv show which is best known for its charismatic host, Brennan Lee Mulligan. Other shows include Troopers, Bad Internet, Um Actually, Make Some Noise, and Play It By Ear.

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