News News TV | Written by Martin Unsworth 12/10/2021

Classic British Series UFO is Heading to Horror Channel

Gerry Anderson’s live-action classic series UFO will be landing in Horror Channel’s Sci-Fi Zone from October 20th. All 26 episodes of the 1970 first and only season will screen in the popular early evening slot.

Created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson, the series was hugely popular and took the Supermarionation team into new territory by utilising regular live-action rather than puppets. Ed Bishop, Michael Billington, and George Sewell star in what became a hit and fan favourite. A second series was eventually scrapped and became another Horror Channel fave Space: 1999.

Synopsis: Earth is being visited by aliens from a dying planet, who are abducting humans and harvesting their organs for their own bodies. Earth's defence organisation - a secret, high-tech international military agency called SHADO – suspect that a full-blown invasion is being planned. Called into covert action, SHADO wages a spectacular battle to prevent the alien takeover, which must remain hidden from the public.

You can catch the adventures of the Supreme Headquarters Alien Defence Organisation when UFO lands on Horror Channel weeknights from October 20th.

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