News Event Movies | Written by Martin Unsworth 31/05/2021

Black Sunday Film Festival Announce 2021 Line-Up

The Black Sunday Film Festival is back after COVID forced a postponement of last year’s event. The festival takes place on June 26th and 27th at London’s The Whirled Cinema in Brixton (nearest tube: Loughborough Junction). We can exclusively reveal the line-up, which features four fantastic feature films and twenty-three amazing short films over the two days. You can check out the genre delights on offer below:


GUEST (short - writer/director: Finn Callan)

WASH (short - writer/director: Kiggs)

THE STAIRS (feature - writer/director: Peter ‘Drago’ Tiemann)

Short Film Block 1

EVERYTHING IS GOING TO BE FINE (director: Mitchell Tolliday)/BLOODSHED (writer/directors: Paolo Mancini and Daniel Watchorn)/LIVING AFTER MIDNIGHT (writer/director: Joe Mitchell)/ MIND OVER MATTER (director: Paul Cheung)/WHO WANTS DESERT (writer/director Venita Ozols-Graham), MEAT IS MURDER (director: Max Sobol)/CAGED (writer/director: Mark Nugent)/ NIGHTFALL (director: Jake Sanders)

NOM (short - writer/director: Angel Hernández Suarez)

KILTER (short - writer/director: Rob Stanton-Cook)

MY HEART CAN’T BEAT UNLESS YOU TELL IT TO (feature: writer/director: Jonathan Cuartas)


THE WITCH HUNTERS ARE COMING (short - writer/director: James Atkins)

POSSESSIONS (short - writer/director: Zeke Farrow)

15 THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT BIGFOOT (#1 WILL BLOW YOUR MIND) (feature - director Zach Lamplugh)

Short Film Block 2

FEARFULLY MADE (writer/director: Jamie Foreman)/UNMADE (writer/director: Steven Sheil)/SHOW ME JACK (writer/director: Sam Strong)/THE CATACLYSM (writer/director: Alexander Frasse)/PANIC ATTACK! (writer/director: Eileen O'Meara)/MISCONCEPTION (director: Richard Rowntree)/2COLOURS (writer/director: Shelley White)/WHERE THERE’S SMOKE (writer/director: Bea Santos)

Closing: Secret Short Film Preview and Secret Feature Film Screening!

To enable social distancing, there will be a reduced capacity at the festival and only full weekend passes are available. However, to celebrate the return of the live festival experience, tickets are completely FREE for 2021! Don’t delay in booking your place, as demand is expected to be high. Head over to Black Sunday Film Festival 2021 Tickets to grab yours.

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