Wizards of the Coast have announced that this summer will be filled with things inspired by one of their beloved characters, namely the heroic drow Drizzt Do’Urden.

For those unfamiliar with the character,  Wizard’s have produced a short animated piece called “Sleep Sound”, which explains the fascinating origins of the white-haired elf, written by the character’s creator R.A. Salvatore and narrated by none other than Benedict Cumberbatch, who is apparently a fan of Salvatore’s long running fantasy series.

This short video is just the beginning however.   Drizzt and companions will appear in a new book coming out in August 2021 called Starlight Enclave.  The author describes it as ‘a place he wants to go to have some adventures. It will be the first part of the Way of The Drow series and will introduce the Starlight Elves, a culture of Drow that readers will not have encountered before.

Drizzt will also be a character in the forthcoming third-person action role-playing gameDungeons and Dragons Dark Alliance.  Heavily inspired by 2001’s Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance video game, this new game is set to come out late June.  Based loosely on the the first Drizzt book, The Crystal Shard, the game appears to be a heavy button smashing experience with fabulous graphics and iconic monsters to fight.

Fans of Drizzt themed art are also likely to excited by next release for world beating card game, Magic The Gathering. The forthcoming Adventures in the Forgotten Realms expansion for Magic The Gathering comes out in late July 21 and will feature a host of iconic Drizzt inspired heroes and monsters. So a huge bonus for fans of spider-queens and the like.

This release has kicked off a series of rumours about a new animated series or possible guest appearances of the character in the  either the D&D TV or forthcoming movie. This is very unlikely, but we are sure this is not the last we have seen of  Drizzt Do’Urden.

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