Up-and-coming actor and director Megan Tremethick, known for films such as The Slave and the Sorcerer and The Vance Institute and the glamorous face of the new incarnation of Amicus, has announced a new project, Spoiling You.

Taking inspiration from the cultural phenomenon of anime cosplay and ASMR YouTube performers, Megan is set to produce a psychological horror that follows the clandestine activities of a lonely girl who discovers a liberating second life through a character she uses to perform ASMR on YouTube. As ‘Miss Mutter’, she soon acquires a legion of devoted fans, but as her popularity grows, so do the lines between fantasy and reality, which begin to blur. As the world learns more about Miss Mutter, we soon realise that the woman underneath all the makeup and costume remains a mysterious figure with a spine-tingling secret. A secret is revealed when Miss Mutter invites her number one fan to spend the night with her for an intimate in-person session.

In Spoiling You, Tremethick ventures into new horror territory, taking the emotional relief brought about by ASMR and dragging it down into the dark realms of the uncanny. Citing inspiration from classic J-Horror and horror anime, such as Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s Pulse, Yoshiaki Kawajiri’s Wicked City, the psychological intensity of Satoshi Kon’s Perfect Blue, and the sheer dread of Takashi Miike’s Audition, Tremethick aims to make a film inspired by the golden era of J-Horror.

Megan said of the project, “I want to lure an audience used to the emotional comfort of ASMR and the sensuality of anime in order to create a horror experience that strikes at the softest core of the viewer. I want to build so much dread, that you’ll almost will yourself to pull away from the screen. I want to create a darkness that will draw you in… like a siren to the rocks. And, hopefully, you’ll love every minute of it.

Sound will have a special part to play in Spoiling You, as it perverts the popular comfort ASMR has brought millions of people worldwide into a disturbing source of fear. Tremethick explains, “Sound plays such an integral role in horror films—be it the piercing strings that accompany a knife thrust, or the haunting atmosphere, that leaves you holding your breath. ASMR is a cultural phenomenon in which sound helps you to relax, and I want to do the opposite. I want to use sound as a weapon of terror that sends shivers down your spine. Actually… some of my tight-fitting costumes might have the same effect!

Tremethick also has the support of experienced horror producer Lawrie Brewster of Hex Studios and Amicus Productions, who said: “Spoiling You focuses on the audience and their state of mind in a way that rekindled my fond memories of watching J-Horror for the first time, which for me consisted of Ju-On the Curse, on VCD before the sub-genre exploded into a cultural phenomenon. When Meg explained what a fan she was of Suicide Club (Suicide Circle) as well, I became excited at the prospect of just how creepy and fearless this film might become. So, I was delighted to lend whatever support I can, with gear, resources and distribution help from Hex Studios.

Spoiling You has a Kickstarter Pre-Launch page, where those interested can select the ‘notify me on launch’ button. The campaign aims to go live later this month and will offer Blu-rays, film merchandise, and opportunities to play a small role (perhaps a victim!), or as a producer on the film. You can follow Megan on Instagram.

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