With Blumhouse Television having last year picked up the rights to turn The Horror of Dolores Roach into a TV series, now comes an update on that front.

Courtesy of Deadline, this show is now in development over at Amazon. Home Before Dark’s Dara Resnik has been tasked with serving as showrunner on the adaptation of Aaron Mark and Gimlet Pictures’ The Horror of Dolores Roach podcast.

For those not familiar with the pod, the official blurb reads:

The Horror of Dolores Roach is a grotesque tale of Eat or Be Eaten; a macabre urban legend of love, betrayal, weed, gentrification, cannibalism, and survival of the fittest.

It follows the indomitable Dolores Roach who returns to a New York City neighbourhood that has changed drastically during the 16 years she has been in prison. Her boyfriend missing, her family long gone. Dolores is recognised only by an old stoner friend, Luis, who gives Dolores room and board and lets her give massages for cash in the basement apartment under his dilapidated empanada shop.

When the promise of her newfound stability is quickly threatened, ‘Magic Hands Dolores’ is driven to extremes to survive – leaving in her wake a strong of strangled massage clients. In the face of unexpected professional success, Dolores and Luis become dangerously symbiotic, and Luis must unleash his own particular predilections.

In addition to Dara Resnik as showrunner, The Horror of Dolores Roach also has the podcast’s Aaron Mark on writing duties.

As ever, expect more on this The Horror of Dolores Roach series as it continues to develop.

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