News Movies | Written by Andrew Pollard 28/09/2014

Y: THE LAST MAN Movie Has Been Scrapped

Y: THE LAST MAN is a property that has a huge, cult fanbase. As a result, a movie adaptation of Yorick Brown’s mission to find out why he is the only man on the planet has been in the works for a while. Whilst the wheels seemed to fall off this particularly wagon earlier this year, now comes confirmation that the movie is completely dead.

Dan Trachtenberg was the man attached to direct the movie, but he has this week taken to his Twitter account to say that the film is now off. When asked if it was still happening, he responded, “Not happening. But it’s in trusted hands (the creators.)”

Additionally, speaking to /Film, Trachtenberg revealed, “The script was essentially the first two trades. Taking inspiration from the original STAR WARS – we wanted to tell a complete story… but not the whole story. Hoping that, in success, we could get the rest of our serialised adventure.”

In terms of quantity, the series is made up of 60 issues. The basic premise sees a catastrophic event wipe out every creature with a Y chromosome. Yorick, along with his monkey, is left in a world completely dominated by women. Teaming with 355, a government operative, he enrols on a mission to find out what has really happened and why he survived when others have perished.

When asked what is likely to happen to the property now, Trachtenberg said, “I’m not sure Brian will ever want to do anything more with it, and I’m not sure that he needs to.”

In fairness to Trachtenberg, he seems very sensible when it comes to this property and he makes a valid point. Does such an iconic tale really need to be adapted for the big screen? That said, such a rich, drawn-out story could make for compelling TV if that ever became an option.

For now, at least, it appears that an adaptation of Y: THE LAST MAN is well and truly dead.


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