News Gaming News | Written by Ed Fortune 27/04/2021

Wyrmwood Launch DISPEL DICE Kickstarter

Wyrmwood, who make the world's most expensive furniture for geeks have teamed up with Dispel Dice, who make the world's prettiest dice, to launch an exciting new Kickstarter.

The range of exceptionally pretty colourway resin dice will be combined with Wyrmwood's distinctive dice vaults. It is also a world-record attempt. For every person who pledges in the Kickstarter, Wyrmwood will add a single die to a line of dice; the world record for such a line is over 6,000 dice, so Wyrmwood & Dispel Dice hope that more than 7000 people will pledge, allowing them to claim the record.

Wyrmwood are best known for their deluxe gaming tables and gaming accessories. They supply furniture and storage to the higher end of the gaming hobby and show's such as Critical Role have custom tables supplied by company.  Dungeons and Dragons super-start Matt Mercer even has a Wyrmwood made Dungeon Master's screen. Wyrmwood are also famous for their Reality TV style YouTube show WyrmLife, which is an addictive fly-on-the-wall show that has tracked the meteoric rise of the American furniture company.

Dispel Dice are a company that have wowed the gaming world with the quality of their dice, producing beautiful polyhedral dice sets that are as lovely a gemstones.

The new campaign features sharp-edged, luxury resin dice with shiny inclusions that make the things look like magical gemstones.  The range includes dice with names such as Event Horizon,  Tempest Rose, Knife Dancer and 80's Kid.  The dice vaults (which are very pretty dice boxes) are available in woods such as Macassar Ebony and Bolivian Rosewood. Options include holographic inlays or brass inlays. These are heirloom style items, intended to last more than a lifetime.

If you're very, very keen for the biggest, baddest dice; this Kickstarter also includes a solid tungsten dice that appears to be the size of a large adult fist. It's $2500 and we strongly advise that if you do get one, you don't drop it on anything you want to keep.

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