News Movies | Written by Andrew Pollard 14/09/2020

WONDER WOMAN 1984 and CANDYMAN Hit More Delays

With the release dates of so many movies up in the air right now, there’s been further delays to the upcoming releases of Wonder Woman 1984 and Candyman.

After initially being reported by The Wrap, Warner Bros. has now pushed Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman 1984 from October 2 to a Christmas Day release. If you remember, the second solo outing for Gal Gadot’s Amazon was originally set for June 5 before being delayed until August, then pushed to that October date. And now, Diana will return on December 25.

Where the Nia DaCosta-directed, Jordan Peele-produced Candyman is concerned, that film’s big-screen release is even more uncertain. Most recently booked in for October 16 – after initially being another film due for a June release – Universal Pictures has removed Candyman from its release schedule indefinitely. All being well, the film is expected to slash its way to the silver screen at some point in 2021, although an official new release date has yet to be set for the picture.

As mentioned, right now there is still so much uncertainty when it comes to films getting a cinematic release, with so many cinemas across the globe still closed or with restricted access due to the ongoing global pandemic.

Already, we’ve seen so many films have their release dates pushed back and back, as studios wait until people are able to safely return to cinemas in large numbers once more. Tied to this, certain films have instead been fast-tracked for a digital release instead – with the excellent Bill & Ted Face the Music being the latest movie to be released digitally later this week.

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