News Book Event News | Written by Ed Fortune 28/04/2021

Winnipeg Launch 2023 WORLDCON Bid

Canadian science fiction fans have announced their intention to host 2023's Worldcon Science Fiction event in Winnipeg Canada.

It will be in competition with two other bids; Chengdu In China and Memphis Tennessee in the United States of America.  The majority of Worldcon's have been hosted in the USA and the first ever Worldcon was hosted in the New York City back in 1939. In recent years a concerted effort to bring Worldcon to the world has been made, with Worldcon's being hosted in Helsinki, Ireland and New Zealand.

They have been multiple attempts to bring the event to China but it has not been succesful so far as Worldcon's tend to favour English speaking locations and a mostly North American and European following.

Worldcon is the world's longest running science fiction convention, ran by fans for fans. Due to it's age and pedigree it's a strange mix of tradition, academic conference and geeky fun, with a heavy focus on books over comics, movies and other media. Previous Guests of Honour at a Worldcon have included Arthur C Clarke, Gerry Anderson and Neil Gaiman. Worldcon is also where the highly prestigious Hugo Awards are presented.

More information on the Winnipeg bid can be found on their website,