A new version of Warhammer 40,000 will launch later this year alongside an enormous boxed edition of the game called Warhammer 40,000 Leviathan.

The tenth edition of the world’s most popular miniature wargame, Warhammer 40,000, will be available in other formats. Still, it’s very much a tradition that a new version of the game is launched with a big box stuffed full of goodies, and Leviathan seems determined to live up to its name. It’s the most comprehensive box of its kind ever produced.

The theme of the box is Space Marines vs Tyranids, heavily armoured human super soldiers versus a hive of alien insectile-dinosaur monsters. The back story is the Fourth Tyrannic War, essentially a horde of alien monsters called Hive Fleet Leviathan is on the brink of munching its way through a version of humanity that’s devolving into a sort of techno-barbarism. It’s Warhammer 40,000; it’s big, loud, lovely to look at and dark as the abyss.

Leviathan will contain 25 Space Marine models, including the heavy support Dreadnought, space marines in Terminator armour, a command team comprising of an apothecary, a primaries lieutenant and a Terminator Librarian (that’s a space wizard, rather than a community book wrangler). Of course, we also get plenty of regular-style space marines, including Sternguard and an Infernus Squad.

The box contains 47 raids, ranging from the various types of minion-like monsters such as Termagants, Neurogaunts and Barbgaunts to the terrifying Screamer-Killer and Winged Tyranid Prime. It’s a big set full of nightmares, pretty much.

The box will not contain dice, measuring sticks or related stuff – it’s assumed you have those. Instead, we get a gorgeous rulebook with a cover unique to the box, cards unique to the game, and transfer stickers for the Space Marine models.

Codex books, filled with additional rules for each faction and appropriate back story, are set for later in the year. The Leviathan box is planned for the summer, with Codex books for Tyranids, Space Marines, Necrons and Adeptus Mechanicus out by Christmas. Orks, Chaos Space Marines, Custodes, Dark Angels and the Tau will have to wait till spring 2024 for their books. Rules for all factions will be online from day one, however.

Other new sets have also been announced at Games Workshop’s expo event, Warhammer Fest. Age of Sigmar skirmish game Warcry is getting a box called Nightmare Quest. This will contain two warbands; Questor Soulsworn, who are good-guy nights who take on the most dangerous quests and the Royal Beastflayers, cannibalistic zombie-like horrors who believe they are noble knights but are actually hideous undead. Warcry is all about the fancy terrain, and this one doesn’t disappoint; it comes with a weird ziggurat-style thing which is meant to be an ancient magical terra-forming widget.

Sticking with the Age of Sigmar, a new squad for Warhammer Underworlds Wyrdhollow has been announced. The Headsman’s Curse takes the card-based, fast-moving skirmish game to the lands of the dead. It’s a card set featuring some really cool-looking skulls in robes, each wielding a bizarre weapon. Looks like they’ll be fun to assemble, paint and use in this fun game.

Sticking with fantasy, fans of the Middle-earth™ Strategy Battle Game are getting a new diorama to paint. Get Off the Road is a recreation of the famous scene from Lord of The Rings in which Frodo and chums hide inside the hollow of a tree in order to escape a Ringwraith. The rider and hobbits can also be used on the table, though it’s really designed as a display piece.

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