We really didn’t want to talk about the weather today for obvious reasons (bloody cold, isn’t it!), but our hand has been forced…

In a highly unusual turn of events even for Hollyweird, it seems Amblin & Universal Pictures are moving ahead with a sequel to their unmemorable 1996 box-office hit, Twister.

Stranger still, the follow-up, entitled (brace yourselves) Twisters, is reported to be helmed by Lee Isaac Chung (below), writer/director of the A24’s award-winning 2020 film, Minari. The heartfelt drama centering on a family of Korean immigrants seems worlds away from the bombast of Jan de Bont’s original, so we can only imagine Chung intends to populate this popcorn epic with some well-rounded characters who audiences might not want to see meet a brutal, wind-based death. 

Can tornadoes still be scary if they don’t have sharks in them? We’ll find out when Twisters storms our multiplexes in 2024.

Let’s hope it doesn’t blow!

Source: Deadline

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