Trailers | Written by STARBURST 19/02/2021


Written and Directed by: Jeremy Snead

Featuring: Wil Wheaton, Alison Haislip, Ron Judy, Nolan Bushnell, Tom Kalinskeand, Phil Spencer

Release Date: March 1st


Official Synopsis:

Playing With Power: The Nintendo Story peels back the curtain on the famously-secretive Japanese company that would eventually take the global videogame industry by storm. Discover the humble beginnings of a gaming business that began many decades before the invention of television, and ride along the bumpy road of hits, misses, and wild ideas that turned Nintendo from a local playing card maker into a worldwide household name. Narrated by Sean Astin, the electrifying story is presented by an ensemble of Nintendo personnel, celebrity icons, and industry veterans including Wil Wheaton, Alison Haislip, former Nintendo CEO Reggie Fils-Aimé, and head of Xbox Phil Spencer.

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