Scotland’s annual Science Fiction Literary Festival, CYMERA, has attracted some of the world’s most exciting science fiction authors. With over 50 events and 70+ authors, there’s plenty for everyone. CYMERA runs from Friday, the 31st of May, to the 2nd of June at The Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh.

Authors include Joanne Harris, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Ken Macleod, Cassandra Clare, Mark Stay, Elizabeth May, Molly X Chang, Edward Ashton, Trip Galey, Lucy Holland and Tim Lebbon.

Events include a chance to pitch your work to a top agent, various panels on publishing and science fiction, workshops, a quiz and performances such as Dune! The Musical and Terry Pratchett’s Men At Arms.

An online version of the event is also available for those who are not lucky enough to live in Scotland.

You can find out more here.

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