With Titans currently amassing quite the impressive set of new additions ahead of its second season, the DC Universe series has now added yet another famed superhero to its ranks.

As first reported by TV Insider, Pretty Little Liars’ Drew Van Acker has joined the show as longtime Aquaman sidekick, Aqualad. This comes hot on the heels of Natalie Gumede being announced as playing Mercy Graves in Titans, not to mention the previous additions of Esai Morales as Deathstroke, Chella Man as Jericho, Chelsea T. Zhang as Ravager and Iain Glen as Bruce Wayne.

In terms of his comic book roots, Aqualad debuted in 1960’s Adventure Comics #269 as a creation of writer Robert Bernstein and artist Ramona Fradon. Also known as Garth, the young Atlantean hero would often accompany Aquaman on his various adventures before becoming a founding member of the Teen Titans in 1964.

For more recent comic book fans, you’ll be well aware that 2010 saw a second version of Aqualad created. Known as Jackson Hyde or Kaldur’ahm, this incarnation of the character was created for the brilliant Young Justice animated series.

Titans is expected to premiere its second season towards the end of the year or possibly in early 2020.

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