The resurgence of the slasher genre is always pleasing to see but of late we have seen some great offerings, from the seasonal slashers like Thanksgiving and It’s A Wonderful Knife to the big franchise fare like David Gordon Green’s Halloween Trilogy and Scream VI. But now, Netflix is having a stab at a new slasher that is being described as “Back To The Future meets Scream”.

From producer Christopher Landon (Freaky, Happy Death Day) and writers Michael Kennedy and Hannah Macpherson (the latter of whom also directs the film), Time Cut sees a teenage girl time travel back to the 2000s to stop a killer from murdering her sister. In this inspired genre hybrid that again sees slashers embrace other genres of late. 

The film is confirmed to be hitting Netflix later this year, with the exact date to be a announced.

This is one you’ll want to mark on your calendar, past, present and future…just to be on the safe side! 

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