Roku has released the first teaser trailer for their adaptation of The Spiderwick Chronicles, with Christian Slater starring as Mulgarath. “This town is full of stories,” Slater’s voice intones, “some are darker than others. What kind of creatures are lurking inside Spiderwick?”

Per the fantasy series’ official synopsis, Helen Grace (Joy Bryant) and her children, 15-year-old fraternal twins Jared and Simon (Lyon Daniels and Noah Cottrell, respectively) and their sister Mallory (Mychala Lee), move to their ancestral home, Spiderwick. Jared discovers a boggart and realises that magical creatures are real. The only one to believe him is his great-aunt Lucinda, who implores Jared to find the pages of her father’s field guide to magical creatures and protect them from the murderous Ogre, Mulgarath.

Roku had picked up the exclusive US rights to the television adaptation of the popular children’s fantasy book series by Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black, after Disney+ chose not to move forward with the series. The series is showrun by Aron Eli Coleite, who also executive produces with Holly Black, Tony DiTerlizzi, Ellen Goldsmith-Vein, Jeremy Bell, D.J. Goldberg, Julie Kane-Ritsch and Kat Coiro.

All eight episodes of The Spiderwick Chronicles will premiere on the Roku Channel from April 19th. Watch the trailer below:

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