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Death, Desire, Despair and More Cast In Netflix’s THE SANDMAN

Kirby Howell-Baptiste announced as Death in Netflix The Sandman

A new slate of casting decisions has just been announced for Netflix’s sprawling adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s DC/Vertigo comic book fantasy series, The Sandman. The first batch of actors was confirmed back in January, with Tom Sturridge as Dream, Gwendolyn Christie as Lucifer, Sanjeev Bhaskar as Amid Chaudry as Cain and Abel, Charles Dance as Roderick Burgess, Vivienne Acheampong as Lucienne, and Boyd Holbrook as The Corinthian.

We now know that – and here’s a good time to take a deep breath – twelve additional cast members have been revealed: Kirby Howell-Baptiste has been cast as fan-favourite Death, Dream’s sister; Mason Alexander Park as Desire and Donna Preston as Despair; Jenna Coleman is Johanna Constantine, a haunted exorcist and occult adventurer; Niamh Walsh and Joely Richardson as Ethel Cripps at different ages; David Thewlis will be John Dee, Ethel’s son who has gone mad.

Also announced to be joining the ensemble cast are Kyo Ra as Rose Walker with Stephen Fry as Gilbert, Rose Walker’s protector, and Razane Jammal as her close friend Lyta Hall; Sandra James Young is Unity Kincaid, an Heiress who spent a century asleep. This batch of roles indicates that Netflix have started on The Doll’s House, the second big Sandman storyline and second trade paperback of the series. And lastly (though he was apparently the very first to be cast), Patton Oswalt will voice Matthew, Dream’s raven emissary.

Though The Sandman series was created in 1989, Gaiman previously confirmed that the Netflix series would take place in 2021. The Netflix show is being described as a blend of modern myth and dark fantasy in which contemporary fiction, historical drama, and legends weave a rich tapestry. The story will follow Sturridge’s Morpheus, also known as the Dream King, as he heals the cosmic mistakes he made in his past.

Gaiman serves as both writer and executive producer on the upcoming series, and revealed in this most recent announcement that, “of course, there are more delights and nightmares cast… we have a few more secrets up our sleeves. I can’t wait until you can start watching.” Us too, Neil. Us too.