News Movies News | Written by Laura Potier 10/09/2021

Giant Rodent Let Loose In THE MUTATION Trailer

The Mutation has unveiled its first trailer ahead of its Uncork'd Entertainment release on October 5th. Directed by Scott Jeffrey and starring Ricardo Freitas, Amanda-Jade Tyler, Abi Casson Thompson, and James Robertson, this creature feature sees a giant rodent let loose on an unsuspecting population – and no, this isn't your average London Underground resident.

After a deadly experiment on a rat goes very, very, wrong, the mutated rodent is out on the town and having a grand ol' ball. The locals, less so. As the bodies keep piling up and a group of detectives go on the hunt for the beast, zoologist Allen Marsh (Freitas) must work with the scientist's grieving widow if they are to help the authorities to capture and exterminate the giant rat. What's worse, the rat is growing larger by the hour.

The Mutation 2021 horror film giant rat costume design

With a design reminiscent of Gremlins meets 1985's Teen Wolf (or maybe we just see what we want to see...), The Mutation trailer sees the furry creature go on a murder spree, complete with foggy back-alleys and women in glittery dresses. "That thing is angry, and it is hungry," declares one of the characters; presumably getting its fill of warm-blooded citizens, the rat wastes little time reaching Godzilla proportions – which also entitles it to a CGI makeover that's not quite as fun as the old-school suit.

 Cue Daryl Hall and John Oates' "Maneater" now , because The Mutation will released on DVD and Digital on October 5, 2021.