News News TV | Written by Martin Unsworth 10/08/2022

THE MIDWICH CUCKOOS arrives on Blu-ray and DVD

Following the recent TV debut of The Midwich Cuckoos on Sky and NOW, the new adaptation of this eerie drama, based on John Wyndham's classic novel and starring Keeley Hawes (Bodyguard, It's a Sin) is now available to own, and it's well worth a look.

Midwich is a sleepy commuter town in contemporary southern England and a great place to bring up children. One September evening a part of the town falls suddenly falls unconscious. Humans, animals, all pass out on their feet; without warning, without reason. For twelve hours no one can get into the Blackout Zone. No phones work, satellite cameras can’t see in, and what is happening inside is a total mystery...

midwich cuckoos blu-ray

Then suddenly everything returns to normal. But not quite. For something truly inexplicable has happened. Every woman of child-bearing age has fallen pregnant. The spawn of these pregnancies is the Midwich Cuckoos, a group of chillingly unusual ‘children’. They will change this community forever, dividing loyalties, threatening lives both within the town and beyond and requiring a terrifying sacrifice in order to prevent them from causing a catastrophe.

Dazzler Media presents The Midwich Cuckoos out now on Blu-ray and DVD 

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