BRIGHT Sequel Brings in a Screenwriter

With a Bright sequel announced shortly after the first movie landed on Netflix, said follow-up has now moved to bring in a writer. As per The Hollywood Reporter, Evan Spiliotopoulos has been brought in to pen the Bright sequel’s screenplay. Spiliotopoulos is likely best known for penning the likes of Beauty and the Beast, The … Continued

F. Gary Gray in Talks for MEN IN BLACK Reboot

In looks as if the upcoming Men in Black reboot is finally close to landing a director! As per Deadline, Sony Pictures has reportedly decided that F. Gary Gray is the person best suited to relaunch this genre favourite franchise. The director is likely best known to genre fans for the likes of The Italian … Continued

Mary Elizabeth Winstead Joins Ang Lee’s GEMINI MAN

With Will Smith on board to headline Ang Lee’s upcoming sci-fi actioner Gemini Man, now comes word that Mary Elizabeth Winstead has joined the picture. As per Heat Vision, the Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Fargo and 10 Cloverfield Lane actress will be playing the female lead of the film; a role that sees the … Continued

Netflix Confirms BRIGHT Sequel

What’s that rattling through our inbox? No, no, it’s not the offer of Viagra, investment from a kind soul who just so happens to have a spare few million dollars to hand over, or the offer of a Russian bride. Instead, it’s an announcement from Netflix that they’ve given the okay for a sequel to … Continued

Netlix’s BRIGHT Fails To Credit 60 Artists For Their Work

David Ayer’s Netflix production Bright has proven to be polarising to say the least. Along with behind the scenes criticisms, the story has been slammed by critics and has suffered from scathing reviews. However, the fantasy buddy cop film has nevertheless garnered praise for its visual presentation, to the point where it is on the … Continued