Big Update on Several DCEU Properties

Holy DCEU update, Batman! Yes, as the headline suggests, there’s some pretty major updates on several of Warners Brothers’ upcoming DC projects. With Heat Vision having recently delved in to the DC Extended Universe, we now have some new details on a whole host of your favourite DC heroes and villains. So, let’s get to … Continued

Joaquin Phoenix to Play the Joker?

Well, this is a potentially brilliant piece of casting if it does indeed come off. Yes, as the headline suggests, Joaquin Phoenix is being lined up to play the Joker. As per Variety, the Her and Walk the Line star has reportedly already agreed to play the Clown Prince of Crime in the upcoming Joker … Continued

GOTHAM to Finally Bring in the Joker

Ever since Gotham began, the show has done its best to tease fans with the possibility of the Joker turning up at some point down the line. Well, now comes a bit of an update on that situation. Given how the series has given its own takes on a whole slew of Batman villains – … Continued