In some hugely fun news, it looks as if the Teen Titans will be involved in a crossover with… themselves?! To be precise, the crossover will actually see the original Teen Titans show matching up with Teen Titans Go! in a project simply called Teen Titans Go! vs. Teen Titans. io9 broke the news ahead … Continued

TITANS Renewed for a Second Season

Hot on the heels of being confirmed for a Netflix home in international markets, now comes word that Titans has already been renewed for a second season. The series was given its world premiere at the ongoing New York Comic Con, and that was followed by the news of a second year for the live-action … Continued

Netflix Picks up the International Rights for TITANS; New Trailer

Holy acquisition, Batman! Yes, as the headline suggests, Netflix has become the UK home for the hotly anticipated Titans. The live-action Teen Titans show is exclusive to the impending DC Universe streaming service in the United States, but now comes word that Netflix has picked up the international rights to the series. No premiere date … Continued

DOOM PATROL Series in Development for DC Universe

In some news that’s sure to pique the interest of many genre fans, a live-action Doom Patrol series has been announced for Warner Brothers’ upcoming DC Universe digital service. Already the on-demand service has confirmed the live-action Titans, a live-action Swamp Thing show, and animated offerings in Harley Quinn and Young Justice: The Outsiders, and … Continued

Nicolas Cage is TEEN TITANS’ Superman

Finally, after two decades in the making, Nicolas Cage is to play Superman on the big screen. Kind of. Earlier this week, we reported that singer Halsey (nope, us neither) and rapper Lil Yachty (again, no idea) were to voice Wonder Woman and Green Lantern, respectively, in this summer’s Teen Titans GO! to the Movies. … Continued

Jason Todd to Appear in TITANS?

One of the most hotly anticipated new shows of 2018 is the upcoming live-action Teen Titans series, Titans. While we’ve already seen our first glimpse of Brenton Thwaites as the beloved Dick Grayson, it looks as if another Robin could be joining Dick in the show. As per Titans TV, it’s being reported that the … Continued

Halsey and Lil Yachty Land TEEN TITANS Roles

With the Teen Titans heading to the big screen this July in Teen Titans GO! to the Movies, now comes word on Wonder Woman and Green Lantern joining the action. USA Today brings word that singer/songwriter Halsey (no, us neither) is voicing the iconic Amazon, while rapper Lil Yachty (ditto, no idea) is playing an … Continued

April Bowlby is TITANS’ Elasti-Girl

Following last week’s news that Bruno Bichir was playing Doom Patrol leader Niles Caulder in Titans, now comes word of another Doom Patrol member who’ll be appearing in the live-action Teen Titans series. As per EW, Drop Dead Diva’s April Bowlby has been cast as Rita Farr, aka Elasti-Girl. In terms of what her story … Continued

Bruno Bicher is TITANS’ Chief

With Titans standing out as one of the most hotly anticipated new shows of 2018, the series has now moved to add Bruno Bichir to its ranks. As announced by Warner Brothers and DC Entertainment, the Absentia actor will be playing Dr Niles Caulder, aka the Chief. Earlier this month, we reported that the oddball … Continued

The Doom Patrol Heading to TITANS

With Titans being one of the most hotly anticipated shows of 2018, now comes word on who’ll be popping up to join the famed Teen Titans in this live-action effort. DC Entertainment CCO Geoff Johns has revealed that none other than the Doom Patrol are going to be turning up in the series. Johns took … Continued