SILVER & BLACK Indefinitely Delayed

Let’s be honest, this doesn’t come as a major surprise, but, as the headline suggests, Sony Pictures’ Silver & Black has been indefinitely delayed. Exhibition Relations broke the news, with the Silver Sable and Black Cat team-up picture now completely pulled from Sony’s release schedule. Previously, the film was booked in for a February 2019 … Continued

Corin Hardy and Jason Momoa Depart THE CROW Remake

Mark this one down as another hurdle for the Crow reboot to overcome. Yes, as the headline suggests, this latest take on The Crow is now back on the hunt for a director and a star. As per Deadline, both Corin Hardy and Jason Momoa have now officially departed the project. The Witch’s Hardy was … Continued

Woody Harrelson Discusses His VENOM Role

While the most recent Venom trailer has impressed many, one person ominously missing from the footage was the already-confirmed Woody Harrelson. Speculation has been rampant that Harrelson could actually be playing Cletus Kasady, aka Carnage, in the film, and now the beloved actor has been asked about his role in the Tom Hardy-starrer. If you … Continued

Michael Keaton Returning for SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING Sequel

Following the news that Jake Gyllenhaal is in talks to play Mysterio in the upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel, now comes word on another villain who’ll be featuring in the follow-up. As per Variety, Michael Keaton will be reprising his role as Adrian Toomes, aka the Vulture. Already, tongues are wagging that this could be further … Continued

JUMANJI 3 Set for December 2019

One of the most surprising movies of last year was easily Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. The film was an utter blast, but it’s fair to say that there were a lot of doubters out there who questioned putting a new spin on such a beloved old favourite. And now, we have word on when … Continued

The Nee Brothers to Direct MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE

For several years now, Sony Pictures has been working away on a new cinematic take on the famed Masters of the Universe property. The last concrete information we’d heard on the He-Man adventure was that David S. Goyer was in talks to direct the picture before ultimately deciding against it. That was earlier this year, … Continued

Spike Lee to Direct NIGHTWATCH?

With a whole host of comic book movies spinning their wheels in various stages of development, now comes word on an outing for Nightwatch. As per Variety, Spike Lee is in early talks to helm such an effort for Sony Pictures. It’s believed to be the extremely early stages right now for the project, but … Continued

Woody Harrelson Playing VENOM’s Carnage?

We can’t deny we’d kind of hoped that this may well be a possibility once his casting was announced, but there’s a new rumour claiming that Woody Harrelson will actually be the Tom Hardy-headlined Venom’s Carnage. Previously, certain speculation had Riz Ahmed pegged as playing Cletus Kasady, aka the maniacal Carnage, but now That Hashtag … Continued

F. Gary Gray in Talks for MEN IN BLACK Reboot

In looks as if the upcoming Men in Black reboot is finally close to landing a director! As per Deadline, Sony Pictures has reportedly decided that F. Gary Gray is the person best suited to relaunch this genre favourite franchise. The director is likely best known to genre fans for the likes of The Italian … Continued

Peter Parker to Appear in VENOM?

Well this is certainly interesting… Remember how there was a story doing the rounds earlier this week about Tom Holland’s Spider-Man appearing in October’s Tom Hardy-headlined Venom? Well now comes an interesting clarification on that. The source of that initial story was Jon Schnepp – a very reliable source and the man behind the brilliant … Continued