Guillermo del Toro Signs with DreamWorks Animation

For genre fans, Guillermo del Toro has been viewed as a master of his craft for many a year. And earlier this year, of course, that genius was finally recognised by the Academy as del Toro’s The Shape of Water nabbed four awards at the Oscars – including the Best Director and Best Picture gongs. … Continued

GOOSEMBUMPS Sequel Adds Peyton Wich

With a Goosebumps sequel currently in development, the follow-up to the 2015 Jack Black-starrer has moved to bring in Peyton Wich. As per Bloody-Disgusting, Wich has landed an unknown role in the sequel, with the young actor being familiar to genre fans for his appearances in Stranger Things and Mr. Mercedes. Wich joins a cast … Continued

A WALKING DEAD Movie Could Happen

Sadly, more and more viewers seemed to have been steering clear of The Walking Dead as its eighth season recently played out. And while the genre juggernaut is already confirmed for several more seasons, it looks as if there’s a possibility that the action could potentially be taken to the big screen at some point, … Continued

The Nee Brothers to Direct MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE

For several years now, Sony Pictures has been working away on a new cinematic take on the famed Masters of the Universe property. The last concrete information we’d heard on the He-Man adventure was that David S. Goyer was in talks to direct the picture before ultimately deciding against it. That was earlier this year, … Continued

F. Gary Gray to Direct M.A.S.K.

We’ve know for a while now that Paramount Pictures had plans for a Hasbro-driven shared cinematic universe, with release dates being set for several such pictures. And now, we have some big news on the long-awaited M.A.S.K. movie. As per Deadline, Paramount has given the M.A.S.K. director gig to F. Gary Gray. Gray is likey … Continued

Ed Skrein in Talks to Play MALEFICENT 2’s Villain

With a Maleficent sequel currently in development, the follow-up is close to bringing in its ‘big bad’. As per Variety, Deadpool’s Ed Skrein is in final talks to play the villain of the picture, although there are no details at this stage on just who that character will be. So far, we know that Angelina … Continued

GREMLINS 3 to “Almost Definitely be a Reboot”

For years now, we’ve constantly been hearing about a third Gremlins movie finally happening. And while Chris Columbus has regularly discussed just how close a Gremlins 3 is to making it to screens, all’s been a tad unclear as to whether this would be a straight-up sequel or potentially a rebooting of the franchise. Well … Continued

Spielberg Developing BLACKHAWK Movie

Having garnered quite the favourable response with his long-awaited Ready Player One adaptation, now Steven Spielberg has turned his attention to the superhero genre. As announced by Warner Brothers, Spielberg will be overseeing a picture based around DC’s Blackhawk character. At present, the Jaws helmer is set to produce the movie, although there is a … Continued

Fourth xXx Movie in Development

What does the world need right now? Whatever your answer to that thought-provoking teaser is, we’d put the mortgage on it now revolving around a fourth xXx movie. Well tough, for that’s what’s on the way. The H Collective has moved to announce that they have purchase the rights to the franchise from Revolution Studios, … Continued

Cathy Yan to Direct BIRDS OF PREY

With a Birds of Prey movie long confirmed to be in development, a director has been found for the female-centric DC effort. As per Deadline, Cathy Yan has reportedly been selected to helm Birds of Prey, with the only confirmed cast member being Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn at this stage. Yan is best known … Continued