New MEN IN BLACK Movie to Bring Back Emma Thompson

With Sony’s upcoming Men in Black spinoff-cum-reboot having begun to assemble its key cast, now comes word that Emma Thompson will be returning to the franchise. Courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter, Thompson will be back to play the Agent O role that she played in Men in Black 3. Thompson joins Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson, … Continued

Four Names Join the New MEN IN BLACK Movie

With the upcoming Men in Black reboot-cum-spinoff now gathering pace, the picture has moved to make some new additions to its cast. As per The Wrap, Silicon Valley’s Kumani Nanjiani, The Big Short’s Rafe Spall, and street-dancing pair Laurent Nicolas and Larry Nicolas Bourgeois have joined the film. The foursome join a cast that will … Continued

Liam Neeson in Talks for New MEN IN BLACK

With the upcoming Men in Black spinoff/reboot already having Thor: Ragnarok duo Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson leading the charge, now comes word on a potential new addition for the return of the MiB franchise. As per Variety, Liam Neeson is in talks to join the picture, with the one-time Qui-Gon Jinn lined up to … Continued

Chris Hemsworth in Talks for MEN IN BLACK Spinoff

With Thor: Ragnarok now available on Blu-ray and DVD, not to mention with the Thunder God set to join Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in this May’s Avengers: Infinity War, now comes word on a potential new project for Chris Hemsworth. As per The Hollywood Reporter, Hemsworth is currently in talks to join the new Men in … Continued

F. Gary Gray in Talks for MEN IN BLACK Reboot

In looks as if the upcoming Men in Black reboot is finally close to landing a director! As per Deadline, Sony Pictures has reportedly decided that F. Gary Gray is the person best suited to relaunch this genre favourite franchise. The director is likely best known to genre fans for the likes of The Italian … Continued

MEN IN BLACK Spinoff Now Set for June 2019

With Sony having long been working on a Men in Black spin-off effort, that film has now been given a new release date. As per Deadline, the previously-announced release date of May 17th, 2019 has now been moved to June 14th, 2019. It’s not a major change, although it does take it out of the … Continued