BATGIRL Movie Brings in New Writer

With many fans hugely excited at the news of Joss Whedon developing a Batgirl movie for Warner Brothers, those same fans took a gut punch just a few months ago when Whedon departed the project, citing the strange reason that he just simply had no ideas for the narrative of the picture. Well now, that … Continued

FOX Chairman Discusses Rebooting BUFFY

With the world of cinema having been regularly mined to churn out remakes, reboots, reimaginings, recalibrations or whatever the phrase of the month is, the realm of TV has recently seen ample reboots of famed series’ brought to life. And now, it could well be that everyone’s favourite slayer may getting a fresh lick of … Continued

Joss Whedon Departs BATGIRL

Well, that’s a kicker. Yes, as the headline suggests, Joss Whedon is no longer a part of Warner Brothers’ upcoming Batgirl movie. The Hollywood Reporter broke the news, with Whedon having been developing the picture since last year. In addition to writing the film, he was also going to be directing. In a statement, Whedon … Continued