Penguin to be the Villain of THE BATMAN?

With Matt Reeves currently developing The Batman, there’s now a new rumour on who the Caped Crusader may be butting heads with in that picture. Previously, it was a given that Joe Manganiello’s Deathstroke – who debuted in Justice League’s post-credits scene – was to be the ‘big bad’ of The Batman. That was when … Continued

First Look at Zachary Levi as SHAZAM

Earlier this year we finally saw the movie’s logo revealed, and now Warner Brothers has given us our first official look at Zachary Levi’s titular hero from David F. Sandberg’s Shazam! It was left to Levi himself to reveal that ‘first look’, with the actor taking to his Instagram account with the following: This! This … Continued

BIRDS OF PREY to be R-Rated?

Right now, Harley Quinn is booked in for several upcoming cinematic appearances as Warner Brothers’ DC Extended Universe continues to expand. And now, actress Margot Robbie has been discussing how she’s got plans for a particular one of these movies to be R-rated. To elaborate a little, not only is Robbie’s Harleen set for Suicide … Continued

Joss Whedon Elaborates on His BATGIRL Departure

When it was revealed that Joss Whedon was to write and direct a Batgirl fan, the collective geek community gave an almighty cheer. Similarly, said fans were then left massively disappointed to hear that Whedon had walked away from the project earlier this year. Well, Whedon has now been given an update on the specifics … Continued

Randall Park Joins AQUAMAN

With James Wan’s Aquaman currently in the middle of some additional photography, the Jason Momoa-starrer has added Randall Park to its ranks. Park is best known for the likes of Veep and The Interview, and he’ll be playing Dr Stephen Shin in the picture. Director Wan took to social media to confirm the casting: So … Continued

Dwayne Johnson’s BLACK ADAM to Shoot Next Year?

With David F. Sandberg’s Shazam! currently shooting, now comes an update on the solo picture for Shazam’s greatest rival, Black Adam. For years now, Dwayne Johnson has been signed-on to play this big-time DC rogue, and originally the plan was to have Adam make his cinematic bow in the aforementioned Shazam! Those plans were soon … Continued

BATGIRL Movie Brings in New Writer

With many fans hugely excited at the news of Joss Whedon developing a Batgirl movie for Warner Brothers, those same fans took a gut punch just a few months ago when Whedon departed the project, citing the strange reason that he just simply had no ideas for the narrative of the picture. Well now, that … Continued

Ava DuVernay to Direct NEW GODS

Just when you thought there was already way, way too many DC-driven movies in various stages of development, Warner Brothers has confirmed another new picture. As per Variety, the WB has brought in A Wrinkle in Time’s Ava DuVernay to helm New Gods; a film based on the Jack Kirby-created characters who debuted way back … Continued

Kristen Wiig Confirmed as WONDER WOMAN 2’s Cheetah

We brought word a few weeks ago that Kristen Wiig was up for the role of the villainous Cheetah in Wonder Woman 2, and now director Patty Jenkins has moved to confirm that the actress will indeed play this longtime rival of the Amazon’s. Taking to her Twitter account, Jenkins put out the below message: … Continued

Christopher McQuarrie to Direct GREEN LANTERN CORPS.?

With Green Lantern Corps. still planned as part of Warner Brothers’ DC Extended Universe, now comes a new story on who could well be overseeing this outing for the Emerald Knights. Courtesy of the usually reliable That Hashtag Show, the new name in the frame for the directing gig is none other than Christopher McQuarrie. … Continued