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STARBURST Schedule Update

The period we are currently enduring is proving to be a challenge for all of us. The COVID-19 pandemic and the necessary lockdown around the globe has caused widespread hardship and disruption. STARBURST Magazine is a proudly independent publication, one of the few that remain in print. Every month we do our best to bring you a magazine that entertains you and shows you how much we care about our readers.

At this moment in time, we are observing all of the precautions and remotely continue to make sure that our website, social media, radio shows, and podcasts are all here for you at this pressing time. We are not fair-weather friends and will be here to keep you company while all of this transpires. Sadly, the print magazine itself is having to make adjustments due to the closure of most of our sales outlets, the cancellation of significant cinema releases, and the worldwide shutdown of cinemas themselves.

Every issue of STARBURST is put together as a labour of love and for us to put out content covering movies that you cannot see does not make a lot of sense, and has led to us rearranging our publishing schedule. The next issue of STARBURST has been delayed until June where we will bring you an utterly fantastic issue 472, which will include a celebration of the timeless classic The Empire Strikes Back.

STARBURST has been a part of our lives since 1977 and will continue to be your genre-loving companion for many decades to come. Please reach out to us on social media, and we can keep each other company through the coming weeks as we all fight through to the other side of this arduous period, and let the heroes that are the NHS take care of all of us.

Jordan M. Royce


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